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About Us

Northwest Laser & Punch is a family-owned, Mulgrave-based business focusing on unrivalled results with a premium service. We pride ourselves in using only the finest high-quality Australian Steel and other materials. At North-West Laser & Punch, we can take on projects of all sizes, from single product cutting or punching jobs to large and complicated commercial projects within the required timeframe and on budget. 

To deliver the best service to our clients, all our teams share the same crucial brand values. With everything we do, we stay true to these values.


Our passion for the field is one of the most important brand values that fuels everything we do here at North West Laser & Punch. For us, this is more than just a job. We have a real passion for the services we provide. We strongly believe that manufacturing is the foundation of the economy here in Australia. Our success is measured by offering the best solutions to ensure customers' success. If you are not successful, we need to do our job correctly.


As a manufacturing company involved in CNC laser cutting, turret and punching metals and other materials, providing an unparalleled service is vital to us. We are confident in the machinery and look at our clients as partners. Our team will collaborate with you to provide the best service and help your business meet its goals.


Our reputation stands not just on our service but on the quality of our work. Each of our skilled laser CNC operators is among the best in the business. When you have the best team in our workforce, you need the best machines that offer the most precise cutting, turrets and many other functionalities. We are passionate about supporting the local Australian economy, so we guarantee that only the highest quality Australian materials are used.

Core Strengths

At North West Laser & Punch, we have core strengths that set us apart from other companies in the industry.


Skill is essential in our industry. Our team of specialists in all areas of our business are highly skilled. They have the relevant qualifications, experience, and a real flair for using laser cutting and laser punching machinery to produce the highest quality finished parts, components and products.

Locally Made

Based in NSW, we are responsible for supporting the local economy and Australian manufacturing industry. The Covid-19 pandemic threw many challenges in our path, and highlighted the need and benefit of using what's available here in Australia, which in turn helps provide more financial support to the industry.

Cut Above the Rest

As a highly passionate team, we always aim to ensure we edge out ahead of our nearest and best rivals. For many, we are the go-to company that provides professional, skilled, high-quality metal cutting, punching, and much more.